license and patents and stallman, oh my!

Posted on Tue 08 August 2017 in misc

I love Linux and open source software to death. Anyone who has moved from Windows or Mac to this unassuming open source operating system knows exactly why: freedom.

“Oh hey, I need to make a Powerpoint, but I don't actually own Microsoft Office… Oh wait, I am on Linux and …

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just fucking do it already

Posted on Wed 26 July 2017 in misc

I don't usually like being around other people. I don't usually care much for interacting with other people. For a long time, I sort of told myself it was because I happened to be some sort of weirdo misanthrope, but after a while I realized that I didn't actually hate …

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irc silliness

Posted on Sun 21 May 2017 in misc

just jelly's joey ayyy

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