abstractions will make your code sexy again

Posted on Fri 22 December 2017 in code

Abstraction is everywhere these days. Functions are abstractions, types are abstractions, classes are abstractions, even programs and programming languages themselves are nothing but abstractions. Abstractions are really the whole foundation of computing not to mention most human achievements over the course of history, really. It is a great tool to …

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on simple code

Posted on Fri 08 December 2017 in code

As I get older, I have started to notice how many of my childhood habits that I assumed had been useful and intelligent were in fact, horrible ones. All of these fancy words I had thought made me look smart, in actuality, often just made me seem like an egotistical …

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the magic of dispatch tables and dynamic arrays

Posted on Wed 29 November 2017 in code

I love C. Quite simply, I find it an incredibly fun language to program in. Even through all the weird, little Heisenbugs, the segmentation faults, the incredibly confusing linker errors, it is still my favorite programming language by far. You will hear a lot of bad press about C:

“There …

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